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Broadcaster guide with photos easy steps

Broadcaster guide with photos easy steps

Easy infographic steps on how to make a Chaturbate broadcast account, with photos 🙂

Make your account fast and start earning from chaturbate

 Step by step broadcaster guide


  • Computer/Laptop
  • Good stable internet connection
  • A room of your own
  • A chaturbate account


  • A facebook, twitter account
  • Sexy outfits and toys

Step 1: Register


Choose your username, this will be your cam model name over the internet, and you can’t change it later, think about how you want to be remembered. Use something that has to do with your site and also sexy. Once done, you’ll be logged in.

Step 2: Verify account to start earning tokens


To earn money on Chaturbate, you have to verify your age. To do so, you have to sign a document and send a couple of pictures. Click on the “Agree to the performer agreement” section first.


Fill out the fields and once you are done, click on the “Display / Update agreement” button.


You can see highlighted in green the sections you need to fill out. For your signature, use your full name and click on ” I agree “.


Go back to the previous menu. Now you have to send 2 pictures. One clear picture of your ID card, from both sides and another one holding it. It’s like taking a selfie while holding your ID card. Make sure the ID card is clearly visible along with your face.

Step 3: Enter your Payout information

Your payout information must be filled out before broadcasting so get back to the Token Stats tab, and click on the “Payment information form” link, just below. Fill out all the fields. If you live in the US the recommended payout method is Direct Deposit. If not, we recommend Payoneer as your payment method.

Step 4: Configure your webcam

This section assumes that your webcam is installed and configured correctly. It’s not big deal, you just need to download and install the webcam drivers, and plug it in. If you need further assistance contact your webcam manufacturer website.

Now focus on the green highlighted area. That’s where you configure your webcam. Here you’ll have to allow access to your webcam. Click on the “Allow” button to have access to the configuration menu. The first option, “Camera” allows you to select your broadcasting device. Click on the drop down menu, and select your webcam.

Resolution allows you to select the screen format. Depending on your webcam’s features, you’ll have more or less options here. Image quality allows you to change the broadcast bit rate. A low image quality value, will result in a more pixelated picture. We recommend to keep it as high as you can without dropping too many frames per second. Try to keep your broadcast speed close to 20 fps or more. A smooth broadcast will be greatly appreciated by your audience. This parameter is heavily dependant on the upload speed of your internet connection so make a few tests, and find reasonable resolution / image quality combo.

Step 5: Modify settings to have a great start

Step 6: Use bots and apps, be creative


Step 7: Go Online “Broadcast yourself

Click on “Broadcast yourself”. You can reach that section from anywhere inside Chaturbate. We’ve highlighted it in green.


After that, you’ll see a warning notice. Read it and make sure you comply with the broadcasting regulations. Click on “I agree”.

Step 8: Have fun and make money